Why the Emotional Effect should Define the Value of Art

A spontaneous idea.

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The value of art is in the depiction of a small part of what the artist feels and struggles with. It has its value in the documentation of the individual characteristics, thoughts and tendencies towards emotions that is unique to every human-being.

The value of an individual lies in nothing more than his free will and conscious existence. However, because the conscious is differentiable from unconscious lifeless matter through its ability to learn, the true characteristic that makes a human-being and any other living being valuable, and justifies its inherent dignity, is its ability to grow. It is the power to create new connections in the mind and reassess older approaches.

Intelligence creates control. Without intelligence and understanding for the events that happen, an object becomes a victim of his surroundings. It can only react and never grow. Thus, it will always remain in the current circumstances.

On the other hand does intelligence allow development. Living beings reach new horizons and capabilities every time they spend a rational thought. They have the potential of becoming better with every experience. Given the right time and circumstances, the development of living creatures are limitless.

However, in order for a living being to grow, there has to be a vision and need for improvement. There has to be a motivation.

Even more so, the value of a living being lies in its ability to evaluate and judge situations, while understanding the influence any action can cause emotionally on all involved parties. It is the emotion that makes any judgement over moral and the common good possible. Without emotions there is nothing. Emotion must be involved to give life meaning and purpose. And awareness for it is needed in order to act pro-active.

Without the need to help others and have a long-term impact on the surrounding, there are only short-term instincts and reactions to the surrounding. You are no longer in control of yourself, but lost. And even more, you become incapable of critical thinking and creativity. So, you must understand your instincts. You must understand your emotion an take away their power by making them explicable.

That is what art does. It communicates your emotions. And most effectively, if you are able to identify your emotion most precisely and can depict it thus in great detail, resulting in greater impact.

Even rational efficiency finds its value in, opposite to legitimacy, idealism and moral utopia in achieving results that are from an utilitarian standpoint, such beneficial for all involved parties that the increase of happiness trumps the decrease of legitimacy in creating the result.

It is however, not fully abandoned of ideals and values .Or, because of their correlation, the emotional effect on the surrounding. No matter how rational and pragmatical a person approaches life, he still desires to reach a better place, a place of greater happiness. It’s just that the tools he uses to get there are widely different. The goal is always the same. The motivation and goal is emotional.

That is why emotions are not just equal to life, but also the most important thing in life. It creates reason and purpose. It gives you the energy to keep going, thrive and improve. The value of art lies therefore in the emotional expression it makes possible, as it is the only characteristic that gives us a reason to exist. Art, and life, is without emotions worthless.

This is one reason why emotions and effect should be valued more than rational messages or craftsmanship in any artistic analysis.

Keep in mind: This is a spontaneous idea, based on the enjoyment of philosophical thinking. I claim no scientific truth. I want to offer new perspectives and create a space of open and interesting hypothesis, nothing more.

I hope you enjoyed this piece!




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Moritz C. Reischl

Moritz C. Reischl

Gründer von Atropoli Film — Ich erhöhe die Erfolgschancen von Shops auf Etsy, Shopify & Amazon durch E-Commerce Artikel mit 1000+ Wörtern: https://linktr.ee/at

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