An action film that fills every cliché of its niche with no innovative filming techniques or storytelling. As fast-paced and obscure the editing, as fast to be forgotten.


The setting is a war-torn eastern Europe in the year 2036. Technological advancements enabled modern robotics to replace the human soldier. While humans are still just as prevalent as their robotical counterpart (for whatever reason), just to go on bullying the so-called Gumps, back in base.

The conflict is set…

A well-known message, enjoyable nonetheless from a film-making perspective.

Poster of the Netflix Documentary ‘The Minimalists: Less is Now’

When speaking about minimalism, there is one name that is hard to miss: Matt D’Avella. The documentary Minimalism — A Documentary about the Important Things was his great breakthrough in 2015. I watched it a while back, around 2017. Around that time I also discovered his YouTube channel. …

A spontaneous idea.

Photo by Photo Boards on Unsplash

The value of art is in the depiction of a small part of what the artist feels and struggles with. It has its value in the documentation of the individual characteristics, thoughts and tendencies towards emotions that is unique to every human-being.

The value of an individual lies in nothing…

A Comprehensive Guide for Giving Constructive and Helpful Criticism

Photo by Doriana Dream on Unsplash

A few weeks ago, I felt the urge to educate myself about art.

But how, I wondered. Of course I can go to plays, in galleries, the cinema, listen to live music, etc. But is this really the most effective and immersive way to perceive and understand art? Here is…

Moritz C. Reischl

Young Writer, Amateur-Videographer & Photographer from Berlin. I write movie and art reviews, next to essays about philosophy and psychology.

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